Certification Email Push Notification

It would be great if you added one more email notification that is targeted to attendees who qualify for certification.

Currently, we host webinars before we can get Certification approved by each governing body. It’s a very common practice in our industry (Financial). Once certification is obtained, we upload the custom image to the event and then pull the Certification report to identify each certified attendee. Then, we manually communicate with each of them and advise them the certificate is available for download. This has caused a lot of frustration among our attendees and sales team. It also is not feasible for the long term.

I’d like to suggest adding one more “email notification” option that would be manually activated by the user to go out only to advisors who have obtained certification. The user can customize the message and add the link to the certificate within, but it would only go out to those who qualified, and not all attendees/registrants.